Plastic welding, plastic repairs and quality fibreglass products that last

Now offering onsite repairs & welding

Plastic repairs make more sense than replacement especially when it comes to expensive equipment, items in consistent use and older model vehicles and machinery.

Expert plastic welding repairs can fix just about any plastic item you have. High quality repairs make your equipment strong and sturdy – as good as new.

Plastic fruit bins, plastic petrol or diesel tanks and bumpers from trucks, tractors and other vehicles, plastic pipe and tubing are common items for plastic welding.

We’ve been around for over 30 years and know the ins and outs of plastic welding and fiberglass supply, especially when it comes to farm and orchard equipment. Expert advice. Down to earth and honest service at a fair and competitive price.


We repair plastic pallets, fruit bins, spray tanks and all farm equipment. Save money and get long lasting repairs by experts in the field. Read more about our full range of plastic repairs.

Tractor diesel tanks

We specialise in repairing diesel fuel tanks and mud guards for all tractor makes and models. Don’t waste time trying to replace original parts. This is a time consuming, expensive and sometime impossible task. Read more about our full range of welding and repair services.

Plastics welding

We fix any plastic you need repairing. Read more about our plastic welding services.


We supply a range of top quality products for DIY fibreglass repair and build jobs. Did you know that resin expires and old resin won’t apply well or last long? Our range of top quality fibreglass resin is fresh and best for your needs. We also provide catalysts, brushes, rollers and fibreglass supplies. And get in touch if you need something you can’t see on our website – we’ll be able to source it for you.